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One day towards the end of my high school years, I was over at Larry’s place, listening to him getting chewed out by his step-dad. At one point Jim yelled, “Larry, you’re the laziest goddamn kid in the world!” Having just heard MY step-father say the same thing about me, I had to chime in, “But Jim, my step-dad says I am.” Believe it or not, it actually made them both laugh and eased the tension. Anyhow, I really still am the laziest (old) kid in the world. I’ve had these four CDs sitting under a pile of stuff on my desk for upwards of six months and I haven’t done a damn thing with them. So here’s my half-assed (okay, quarter-assed) attempt at catching up already:  

ST. HELENA- happy (Site) Bouncy, sincere indie rock from former Pistola drummer turned St. Helena frontman Patrick Teahan and his new mates.  

THE OVERDOGS- Pawnshop Masterpiece (Zero Youth Records) A series of boisterous, testosterone-fueled rants from this Missouri punk trio.  

ADA JANE- Never Been Better (PAW Records) Earnest and (for the most part) talented songwriting from Minneapolis . At its best, it feels good in a melancholy way.   

F-UNITS- Reject on Impact (Site) Arena-esque punk-n-roll with Green Day-like vocals. These guys are from New York but (inexplicably) I get an L.A. vibe from this.  

I am fuckin’ exhausted from all that deep thought. –Ben Hunter



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