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Hollywood Potato Chips (Kung Fu) It's easy to see why The Vandals have survived as long as they have. They've got this thing down pat.  Somehow I can't shake the idea that they're sort of going through the motions on this disc, giving the people what they want.  But regardless, it's good.  Typically fast-paced, straight-up punk, with almost no ska inflections, and plenty of anti-social subversive lyrics.  At first listen, my favorite track was "Be a Good Robot", but then again, how many songs do we need about the fact that "punk" has become little more than a fashion statement?  And I think it was a bad idea to end with the slower paced "I Am Crushed", which sounds like it's just begging to be a hit single in heavy rotation on MTV.  Then again, maybe I'm thinking too much.  Just put it in, turn it up, drive fast and enjoy. - Brian Mosher



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