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- Explode (BYO Records) Very few bands have the guts to write and play music that is completely in your face like Boston punks The Unseen. And by in your face, I mean the band’s sound has essentially the same effect as having to constantly dodge bricks that are being thrown at your head. But this is not a bad thing; whereas most bands produce music that one can make the conscious choice to either pay attention to or let fade into the background, The Unseen’s music is nearly impossible to ignore. But why would you want to? The songs on their new full-length CD, Explode, have a way of grabbing hold of your ears and forcing you to listen until you begin to enjoy the acquired taste of the album. And truly once the taste has been acquired, it is easy to appreciate The Unseen’s music as no-frills punk that is a rare find in today pop-drenched society. The album is marked by relatively pessimistic lyrics which are mostly personal, but take on a more political edge in songs like “New World Disorder” which boldly states “our culture has been lost… how many lives are at cost?” Explode is an extremely solid release, but should be played on repeat to ensure that the songs are fully appreciated as The Unseen’s original style takes some getting used to.  –Emily Zemler



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