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- Istoriya: The Best Of The Ukrainians (Omniun) For those who have never heard of the Ukrainians (and I assume there are many), their music comes off like some kind of strange concept that may or may not be a joke: songs by the Sex Pistols, the Smiths and the Velvet Underground done as Ukrainian folk songs that are actually in Ukrainian. There are really two types of people this album will appeal to in the band’s extremely narrow audience- diehard fans of Ukrainian folk music and diehard fans of the Sex Pistols whose collection of Sex Pistols’ covers are not complete without “Anarkhiya” (“Anarchy in the U.K”). “Istoriya” is a compilation of the best of the Ukrainians previous five releases, although I’m not really sure the word “best” is congruent with this music. Since I know nothing about Ukrainian folk music it is difficult to determine whether this music is good or bad, but I do know that the Velvet Underground and the Smiths are legendary bands whose music does not necessarily deserve this kind of treatment. While it is certainly a creative and artistic endeavor to reinterpret the works of such bands in such a way, it is not really all that enjoyable. The one redeeming quality is that it is pretty cool to hear music in Ukrainian since there are very few bands known in the U.S. who sing in languages other than English. Despite this exciting detail, there is no reason to buy this CD- instead go spend your money on a copy of “White Light/ White Heat” or “The Queen is Dead.” -Emily Zemler



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