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UKLA - Ltd. (Fan Attic Records) While it's standard fare for bands to claim that their music defies or transcends categorization, UKLA's deft pick pocketing from psychedelia, pop, sci-fi, jazz, rockabilly, and surf legitimately does create something different. Don't get me wrong, the group has both feet firmly planted on decidedly punk ground but, as with any great band, UKLA takes chances and brings something new to the table. Layered, hypnotic soundscapes fit neatly within blistering basement/garage rock on this 23-track collection which flows chronologically backwards through the ten year evolution of the group under its various monikers (UKLA, The Gasoline Gang, and Green Panic). This is the kind of thing which catches your interest on the first listen and just gets progressively better. I only wish I had caught on to these guys before -- the liner notes mention that UKLA broke up recently which means that I lose out in a big way unless this CD gets the attention it deserves and maybe sparks a reunion (?). Here's hopin'. - Chris Wissmuller  


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