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- Regret Is For Humans (Site) True story. Dialog may not be dead on, but itís damn close. Cut to interior, evening: three men in a tv room with many empty beer bottles and a half eaten pizza sitting around listening to this CD. Denis: Ben, this is the cd I told you about. You know our nightís entertainment. Youíre not going to believe this. Ben: Sounds like 80ís music, is it new? Denis: Yes, the guy just sent it in for review. One man band with a guitar, drum machine, and some fucked up sounding guitar thing. Adam: Lots of noise for one guy. Sound like hard New Wave. Denis: The band started as a three piece in 1987, then dropped to two, now itís just this guy. Adam: Ha, doesnít play well with others or doesnít know when to stop. Ben: I know you canít tell if someone is gay by their voice, but this guy sounds gay. Even my friend at work who is gay would call this guy gay. Denis: I have no idea, really, but he does sing like how Fred Schneider (B52s) talks. Listen to this next line ďdistorted by your distortion/I wanna be your abortionĒ Ben: HolyÖthis is bad. Adam: Yes, but in a car crash type of way. Ben: Is this a joke? Adam: Seems like an awful lot of work went into this cd and press release for it to be a joke. Ben: Are you going to review this? You normally do not review stuff thatís bad. Denis: We may not like it, but it is amusing and entertaining. Iíll review it, but I have no idea how Iíll do it. Ė Denis Sheehan

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