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- Disappear (Nitro) I have loved TSOL ever since the early years, through the Joe Wood days (ok, Strange Love sucked), and into the reunion years. Of course, this cd split my brain in two as I loved the music, but didn’t enjoy Jack Grisham’s vocals. Jack’s voice, to me anyway, sounds like a punk rock Ethel Mermen. The music, as it has always been, is hard hitting while remaining consistently catchy. Ron Emory is perhaps my favorite punk rock guitarist and Mike Roach can certainly hold is own on the bass. Sadly, drummer Todd Barnes, who was/is the best punk rock drummer ever, died about a year ago, but Jay O’Brien holds his own without being overly impressive. Now the sticking point; Jack Grisham. The guy sings well enough, but he has a type of Cabaret Theater jingle in his voice, now more so than ever and boy oh boy it annoys me. However, the music is damn cool and it easily eclipses my annoyance with his voice. All the songs are cool, well, except for “Motivation” which is actually a 45 second or so voice clip and not a song. I hate it when cds list these types of tracks as actual tracks. Deceiving really. It is good to have these guys back. – Denis Sheehan




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