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TREE- No Regrets No Remorse (Wonder Drug) First off, let me write that I think that Tree is one of Boston’s most under appreciated Boston bands. Tree’s first release, 1993’s A Lot to Fear, is pure punk rock and is one of my favorite cds. However, with each release afterwards, Tree’s music has slowly morphed from punk to punk/metal to the present metal/punk. Make no bones, I still find’s Tree’s stuff to be some of the most energetic music around. It has that “something” that I can’t describe. But still, their music has moved more towards today’s blend of metal/punk rock. With that said,  the very cool ”Cold and Alone” opens this cd with it’s hard hitting guitars and River’s trademark singing voice. I’d have to write that this tune rates as one of my favorite Tree songs ever. Speaking of (or is writing of correct?), along with Tree’s intense music, I think River has one of the most unique singing voices around. Nobody can get you going more than Sir River can. However, again, River frequently slips into a more talking singing voice on this cd than ripping into his charismatic insane screaming. “Cold ..” is a perfect example of River’s trademark singing.  You will never hear a song faster or more insane than the thirty second “All Control.” Ah yes, the way it should be baby.  You’ll also love “Rock Star” and it’s infectious lyrics. And yet another thing I love about Tree; the lyrics aren’t just lyrics. They convey messages on all aspects of life. Albeit from tree’s perspective, but conveyance is there nonetheless. I personally dug “Mexican Beer” because it mentions, well, beer stupid. I also liked the reference to Boston. I get all sappy when bands do that. Ok, that’s enough with the songs. I liked all fourteen cuts, some more than others solely because they sound more like the old Tree stuff. Cool hard-hitting disc here I say. – Denis Sheehan


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