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- Shore Leave (Site) A little piece of Ireland in Canada? Listening to this ten cut disc full of tin whistles, fiddles, mandolins, banjos, and lyrics of drink, love, and the serious will have you thinking so. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, the boys set the CD’s tone with a line heard in the raucous opening cut, "Shore Leave": “If the drinks don’t get me lucky, I’ll wake face down in the dirt.” Either/or and you’ve had one fine night!  Of course, they follow up with “Trains not Taken” that’ll have you pausing to reflect the undecided from your past, and future. The witty and humorous “Drinking in the Graveyard” will have you hanging on each line as a drunk chap drinks even more with the ghosts of the famous in a darkened graveyard. “Angel,” lost love sappiness to a deserving woman (I think), slows things down, but “Death Feels Like Me Today” raises things to a more pint flowing level. Ending the release in shocking fashion, with an unmistakable opening fiddle, is a grand cover of Iron Maiden’s, yes, that Iron Maiden, “Run to the Hills!” The musical beauty of The Town Pants is twofold: great musicianship and entertaining lyrics that ooze great fun that also make you think. Remember how to think? This is a good one to pick up, as is their “Weight of Words” CD. Canadian Celtic roots has never sounded better.– Denis Sheehan



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