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THE TOWN PANTS- Weight of Words (Site) The first time I listened to this CD, I dropped it into my kitchen CD player and sat down to do my real, money paying job. As I worked, The Town Pants playing in the background brought me from the land of Oracle to a quaint lil’ pub in some small Ireland town sipping Guinness and tossing stories back and forth with other drunkards. Kicking off the disc is the magnificent “Weight of Words,” a Celtic infused tune loaded with the grit found in yesteryear’s Australian bandits. That sound fuels the disc, which is intensely melodic with tradition Irish arrangements while having a nice folk punch to keep you on your toes. The song’s lyrics sing of friendship, mischief, and the occasional drink or two. Brothers Duane and Dave Keogh front the band, with Duane handling vocals and guitar while Dave plucks that banjo and mandolin like a madman. Aaron Chapman (one of the original Real McKenzies) makes all those noises that seals the sound of  Irish influenced music; tin whistle, etc. The amazing Virginia Schwartz, who shines in “Diggin’ the Grave,” brings it all together with her fiddle playing and has influenced my five year old daughter to pick up the fiddle. On the toe tapping side of things, “Rum Runner” hits close to my heart because my Great Grandfather was a bootlegger/rum runner during U.S. prohibition and my Grandmother, then young child, was schooled on what to do with the booze if the boys in blue reared their ugly heads. “Old Vancouver Town” is packed with good ol’ times of drinking, fighting, and just might send you out for a pint at your local pub. Surprisingly, “Ships Made of Wood” strums with a Mariachi guitar and horns reminiscent of my sunburned hell vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, The Town Pants will certainly fool you of their geographical residency. Weight of Words is a CD that will please the ears of sons, daughter, mothers, fathers, and grandparents alike! – Denis Sheehan



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