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TOUCH MY RASH- Doomed From The Start (Bittersick International) Dear Diary- I thought the self-indulgent crap I write in you was whiny, but it’s nothing compared to the woe-is-me treacle Touch My Rash spews out. (Well, my recent entry about the zit that ruined my vacation WAS pretty bad, but I’m going to keep this about Doomed From The Start, okay?). At first I thought this must be some kinda joke. A band with a delightfully sick name like Touch My Rash that puts out songs such as “My Own Tragedy,” “Slit Our Wrists,” and “Sexless Existence” seemed like it just had to be wry parody at its finest. But the lyrics themselves- along with the seeming earnestness in which they’re sung- make me think this guy and two girls might actually be serious. Honestly, the self-pity on display here is remarkable (sample lyric: “Sometimes I wish I were brain dead/I’d be happy all the time/I’d be working all day without thinking I’m wasting my whole life/But it’s a shame that’s how I feel”). Musically it’s pretty much seat of the pants punk rock; basic, I-just-learned-how-to-play riffs and drums backing snotty, at times tortured vocals. But despite all I’ve written so far, I really don’t hate this band. Their simplistic approach and nice crunchy guitar sound can have its sonic charms. It’s just the mopey verse that does me in! And while I’m guessing that most of the world may not want to touch this particular rash, rage-filled, gloomy 9th graders will probably love them. –Ben Hunter  



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