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-Le Red Soul Communitte (Dim Mak) Judging by the first sound on their album, a whining guitar, Tokyo Sex Destruction are defined by their middle name. Followed by raucous percussion, handclaps, and a chorus of “hey hey hey’s,” you can easily picture the “lock up your daughters” pelvis jerking that rock and rollers like Elvis and Mick Jagger perfected.        
The band is sex by all means, both in sound and appearance. They have the charisma of The Hives, and dress like them too—the black suits contrasted by white belts and ties, topped of course, by shaggy mod haircuts. But listen closely and you might pick up on the band’s politics, delivered in a Spanish accent (genuinely Spanish, the band hails from Spain).  The album is conceptual in that it outlines a 10-point program, via “Le Red Soul Comunnitte.” Ten tracks, all leading toward a goal of supposed political awareness...track six is named: “Capitalism Plus Dope Equal Genocide.” I turned to their liner notes for some explanation and found it in a small manifesto, 5 paragraphs long, and translated in Spanish. It attacks conventional thought, capitalism, the educational system, and exploited youth. Underneath are pictures of the Black Panthers, and images of the Civil Right’s movement in America. I’m assuming the nod to black political groups of the 60’s is in observance of their R&B and 60’s garage rock roots. 
     Highlights on the album include the first track “Break-out Town” because of its immediate invitation to nod your head and tap your feet, and track 9, “Don’t Make Try Your Love,” because its catchy chorus has me singing along involuntarily. This is an album makes excellent party music, and higher meaning for those who are into that sort of thing. –Lauryn Hamilton



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