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(Lucid Records) I think I could like Thunderlip if they had a better singer.  The guy they have sounds like what Bon Scott might have sounded like if he had Ringo Starr's lack of range.  He sings pretty high, but never more than 2 notes per song.  So, if they changed that, and got a different lead guitar player, I think I'd like them.  The rest of the band is pretty rockin', in a kind of Alice Cooper meets (insert your favorite southern rock band here) kind of way.  Except that the lead guitar player seems intent on quoting from all his redneck rock heroes - you'll hear Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Allman Brothers, Outlaws, etc., etc.....  Which is too bad, because there are some pretty good songs here (at least I think they are, when I imagine what the melodies are supposed to be, you know, since the singer only sings two notes per song), and the rhythm section rocks pretty hard.  So, there you go.  A damn fine bass/drums combo, in need of a singer and a lead guitar player.  Apply at -Brian Mosher



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