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- Against the Grain (Hi-n-Dry) About three months ago, Kier Byrnes (3DT’s lead singer) sent this CD to me, it disappeared, and I promptly forgot about it. However, over the past week or so, the usual sounds blasting from my six year old daughter’s room changed from Baby Motzart, Kidz Bop (shiver), the soundtrack for The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Ramones, Social Distortion, and The Medveds to the sounds of bluegrass rock laced with rock-a-billy, Celtic, and even some punk intensities searing with banjo plucking, licking guitars, and a rhythm section worthy of a chain gang. As usual, I let the music coming from her room play in the background of my thoughts, until this new stuff she was playing made me want to throw on a pair of shitkickers, hitch a ride to the dairy farm across town and throw M-80s at the cows while swigging sweet love from a bottle of whiskey. “Narrow it Down” opens the disc with its great sing along lyrics, which flows to “Uni” and “Chicken Shack” that’ll have tight jeans wearing hotties slapping their own asses in a “giddy up” musical fit. The love song “Right Outside the Door” lets you catch your breath a bit, but “Whiskey, You’re the Devil” is a hectic answer to its emotional predecessor. “Ghost of Jimmy Ryan” sounds like it should be pouring out of an old-fashioned rock-n-roll radio in 1932 Tennessee.  The war like drumming in “A Toast to My Father” drives home the best compliment a father could ever hear and “Back Home to Derry” nicely closes out this at the moment phantom CD. Fearing that I may harm the local bovine population and be cast upon some government watch list for possession of explosives, I decided to venture into my daughter’s room and investigate. “Reilly, what is this cd?” I asked. “I don’t know, it’s yours. I took it from your stack,” she answered. I walked to her CD player and opened it. As the CD ceased spinning, I read “Three Day Threshold; Against the Grain.” While I was fairly shocked that my daughter was in possession of this disc, I was not surprised at the music it played as this band is a good one. You really should pick up this great 16-song release, and I really need to see these guys live. – Denis Sheehan

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