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THREE DAY THRESHOLD- Home Cookin’ (321 Marlborough St. Ste B, Boston, MA 02116) These guys mix country, bluegrass, and even a sniff of Celtic to form a hectic country sound that will turn yer two-steppin’ into two-slammin’. If you’ve ever listened to The Violent Femmes’ Hallowed Ground, you know what I mean. “Whiskey, You’re the Devil” sounds Irish pub enough to get a bar full of drunks in a sing along. Eddie Cochran’s “20 Flight Rock” has a cool and uppity 50’s sock hop sound that will have you looking around for a your hula-hoop. “Banks of the Ohio” is a pure country ballad and rather boring. Hey, there’s more pickin’, albeit banjo and not nose, going on here than a roomful of kindergarteners. I doubt you could find a sound that is this unique and different while still sounding this cool anywhere else. – Denis Sheehan


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