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- In Response (Equal Vision) Some great critic from days gone by once described hearing Iggy and the Stooges as being akin to aural acne.  Though This Day Forward sounds nothing like Mr. Pop and his old cronies, I think they could be the equivalent of audio poison ivy or maybe an aural rash.  They sort of make me fidget, but if I keep listening to (or in this crappy metaphor, scratching) them, it feels edgily good for a bit.  These guys write songs that alternately rip at you like a corroded saw, lull you with some nice melodies and, sadly, sometimes bore the shit out of you with the kind of stereotypical rap metal/hardcore carryin’ on so popular these days.  I can honestly say that while this genre isn’t quite my thingio, I most definitely don’t hate any of the 11 songs on In Response.  Bitch-slapping my preceding rap metal/hardcore comment aside for a minute, This Day Forward do have their own sort of unique sound a decent portion of the time, and I appreciate the hell out of that.  And unlike me, you young cusses may even really dig it. –Ben Hunter



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