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Ė Letís Detonate (Beer Can Records) Rock ní roll punk at itís finest, Iíd sayÖ Yup, thatís how Iíd describe The Peelers, a band that hails from Chicago, IL, and is not afraid to step it up and get to down business (musically, that is). With such colourful, raw vocals, abrasive guitars and powerful drums, this band holds nothing back. I actually found it quite reminiscent of some punk from the late 70ís, with their in your face, devil-may-care attitude. I really must say that I enjoyed this disc quite thoroughly. The Peelers seem to have a genuine energy about them, and though I do think that energy might translate better in a live show, unfortunately this band doesnít look little itíll be heading out to the winter wonderland that is Edmonton anytime soon, so I guess Iíll just have to settle for their CD. Ė Bryana Robinson



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