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– Black Rooster (Dim Mak) I strongly suspect that the UK’s, The Kills, is the lovechild of a torrid affair between The Velvet Underground and The Kinks.  The Black Rooster EP is a five-song collection of raw, tough, and yet simple tunes.  No…make that four songs and one recording that sounds more like fetish material than a traditional song.
     VV and Hotel, members of The Kills, alternate back and forth between lead vocals demonstrating more aural variety than most groups can produce.  “Cat Claw” is the highlight of the disc with a
hard-fisted and gutsy attitude.  “Wait” wafts through your speakers with a fundamental guitar sound and with a clean-sounding production. The live performance of “Dropout Boogie” however, makes me end up humming The Kink’s “You Really Got Me” instead of The Kills’ song that I’m listening to.  “Black Rooster” has got a pretty cool groove, but not the kind of lyrics you want to sing in front of dear old Mom and Dad. 
     Finally, “Gum” is more along the lines of weird performance poetry for those with bubblegum idiosyncrasies, and I have no idea how to review it other than to say that it’s a little too much of an oddball piece for a music CD. 
     Though crude, Black Rooster is good for a listen if you’re in the mood for veering from the mainstream.  But I tend to think that The Kills would be more fun in a live-show atmosphere than in listening to a recording. -Melanie Falina



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