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HE GRINDS- Whatcha Lookin At? (Facebook Site) My pals Adam and Ilan kindly join me at the Browns bar most Sundays, where we typically get drunk, have some laughs and lament the terrible play of my hometown team. At the beginning of this season, we kept seeing CBS promos for a new show called Unforgettable. The ads presented it as yet another gimmicky, thinly plotted detective series, and we instantly dubbed it Forgettable. And after a moment's pause, we laughed about how with one dismissive word we so easily and off-handedly condemned work that someone probably put his/her heart and soul into. (But honestly, the show really does seem forgettable, even though I'm writing from the perspective of never having watched it).
  So after one unfocused listen to this 5-song EP, I was tempted to slather The Grinds' brand of punchy, kind of power popish rock 'n' roll with the Forgettable brush and be done with it. But I'm an asshole for coming to this premature conclusion because subsequent listens show that there really are some cool things going on here. The energy is strong throughout, which leads me to believe that they'd also be fun to see live (or maybe it means they'd be fun to get it on with. Now there's something to ponder: the relationship between a band's tempo and its collective sexual prowess). The rhythm guitar riffs are catchy and rough in all the right places, and the drummer pretty much knocks the shit out of his kit on every song. And while the lyrics aren't exactly thought-provoking, vocalist Erin Wickens has a cool voice and seems genuinely passionate, whether she's telling somebody to fuck off ("Don't Need You"), telling someone else to fuck off ("Whatcha Lookin At?") or sort of gently asking yet another person to fuck off ("Lost Our Fun"). And now you should fuck off and go check this out already.
  For the record, my estimation of the helpfulness/quality of this review is, of course: Forgettable. -Ben Hunter

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