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(Web Site) Venerated prankster Jim Florentine is at it yet again. Vol. 4 serves up 18 hilarious cuts (approx 60 minutes) of Jim and fellow prankster Don Jamieson annoying the hell out of telemarketers. I listened to this CD on my drive home from work in bumper to bumper, pain in the arse traffic and I still managed to smile and laugh like a happily drugged lunatic! I love toying with telemarketers and think I do a pretty good job, but Jim and Don take things to a God-like level with perfect comebacks that sport a relentless middle finger aimed at each villainous telemarketer. Even more satisfying than Jim’s antics is listening to the ire of the intrusive telemarketers explode out of their product pimping mouths.  It is a beautiful thing to hear these phone jockies lose control and spew swear words at Jim and Don. As the title dictates, this is Vol 4, which means there are three other Terrorizing Telemarketers CDs out there…oh yes, life is good and I shall buy them. Hey, checkout my review of Jim’s prank DVD, Meet the Creeps. Whoops, almost for got to write that the CD concludes with a bonus “Special Ed” track that is gloriously amusing. YAAY!!- Denis Sheehan


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