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- Clockwork Orange Horrorshow (Templecombe Records). The Templars’ press sheet tells me that for 15 years they’ve “dominated as the #1 most-popular skinhead/Oi band in the world.”  It made me instantly wish I’d heard of them before now, because to me good Oi is right up there with that first pint on a Friday night.  But after a few listens, this disc sort of feels like the fourth or fifth pint of the night- still nice, but not as tangibly thrilling as I know it can be.  Now don’t get me wrong, my droogies.  The Templars flat out pay tribute to an awesome book and a great movie, and they certainly have their hearts in the right place.  First released in 1995 as a double 7”, Clockwork Orange Horrorshow is now a 7 song CD with a bonus track not on the original.  It’s got covers of Angelic Upstarts and Major Accident songs, and the other 5 tracks are either blatantly or vaguely related to A Clockwork Orange in some way.  My two favorites are the simple, punchy “Doing The Dirty” and the disc’s title track, which is a bit looser and grooves in a very Oi way (inasmuch as Oi can groove, mind you).  The other songs here don’t do as much for me.  Because of this, Clockwork Orange Horrorshow comes off more as Malcolm McDowell in HBO’s Entourage than the McDowell of ‘ Orange .  Definitely respectable, but not a classic. –Ben Hunter



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