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Big Tips and Hats (Site) Based out of Battle Creek Michigan , this power rock trio has their stuff together. From the jump and jive “Sta Smooth George” to the haunting “Alien Design,” this five song ep delivers the goods. Richard Nuyen’s vocals come across clear and consistent, resonating with every note. Add to that the technical expertise of Phil Wiswell’s lead guitar and Shawn Rainer’s energetic driving drums and you have a group that far surpasses what passes for local music in the local scene here in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo . These guys have been playing for years and it shows. Not a wasted note and they know the meaning of diversity. No two songs sound the same, but SXX makes them part of a unified voice. At five songs, it’s a little short for my tastes and leaves me wanting more, but the good news is that the guys are in the studios recording their next, full length album. Plus, how can you go wrong with a group that has a song entitled “The Spanish Inquisition?” If you’re looking for something new, this is the disc you’re missing. -Douglas A. Waltz  



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