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SCREECHING WEASEL- Teen Punks In Heat (Panic Button) Screeching Weasel plays two different types of punk; pop punk and punk rock with a raw sounding edge. This cd ingeniously brings those two styles of punk together for a 36 minute roller coaster ride. “Bottom of the 9th” beautifully exhibits the band’s trademark pop punk sound, while “I Wanna Fuck” screams from the band’s more exposed, raw side. The Ramones are sure to be flattered by the 44 second, three chord “Cat Like.” And anyone who has had a loved one leave them will relate to “Things Seem All Fucked Up Today” because of it’s grasp of loneliness and feelings of confusion.  The addition of a second full time guitarist makes the music sound tighter than ever, but band is still able to capture that edgy, garage punk vibe. Also, Lumley performs a true drumming masterpiece on this disc. Hearing his drumming makes me wonder if he has a third arm. I’m not going to get into the lyrics because I may be way off base, but it sounds like Ben Weasel is tackling some of life’s demons. “21 Months” is now one of my all time favorite Screeching Weasel songs. Great stuff here.- Denis Sheehan




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