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- Yesterday’s Sweethearts (Street Anthem Records) Formerly known as The Riot Squad, Sweet Poison rock like no other band from Belgium that I’ve ever heard.  Okay, true, I don’t think I’ve ever heard another band from Belgium , but still, Sweet Poison doesn’t sound like what I’d expect a band from Belgium to sound like.  This record is some straightforward punk’n’roll from the Social Distortion school, with a touch of New Wavy background harmonies courtesy of lead guitarist Kim.  The songs are pretty average street punk fare, for the most part, although there are some that don’t even reach that standard (“Where Eagles Dare” for instance, sounds like something someone would write in their best friend’s High School Yearbook the night before graduation).  Then again, “Blue Collar” and “The Wild One” (a tribute to Marlon Brando) are better than average, as is the lead track, “Lucky Tattoo”.  Here’s the bottom line:  while this isn’t even close to being my favorite record of the year, it might be the best one I’ve heard this month.  – Brian Mosher



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