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- Splitsville Vol. 1 (Music Cartel) I’ve never understood why I don’t absolutely love the Supersuckers, who give us the first 5 cuts on this split CD.  They play balls to the wall, nasty punk-and-roll, have lots of smile-producing song titles (favorite one on this disc is “Shit Fire”) and they even look cool as fuck with them white cowboy hats they sometimes wear.  But for some reason their songs just don’t give me that funny little happy feeling in my stomach that music I truly love gives me.  That’s been the case in the past and that’s the case here.  All 5 songs are decent but they don’t ultimately thrill me.  These cuts are sort of the sexual equivalent of getting worked up to a lather but never quite getting the stimulation you need to blow your sorry little load.  
         Electric Frankenstein is a name I’d been aware of for years without ever having actually heard the band.  They do the next 5 songs on this CD and they pretty much continue where the Supersuckers left off, albeit with a bit more of a hard rock/metal edge.  My guess is if you like past releases by both of these bands, you’ll probably be into this stuff too.  One thing I did really like about this disc is that each band’s last song was a cover of a song from the other band (Supersuckers did “Teenage Shutdown” in a nice acoustic vein and Electric Frankenstein did a fist-pumping, paint-peeling cover of “She’s My Bitch”).   In fact, I think the covers were the best part of Splitsville Vol. 1.  And while I wasn’t overly excited by this first Splitsville release, I like the general concept and will definitely check out future offerings. –Ben Hunter



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