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SUPERKOLLIDER (Wonder Drug Records) I shall steal a popular adjective from the 60s to describe Superkollider’s music; “heavy.” The music borders hard rock and metal, but doesn’t really teeter into either territory. The music is not a rapid fire type of sound, yet, it’s more of a constant drilling, or beating if you will, of heavy guitar riffs into your head. This band out of Boston reminds me of Helmet, but only-again- heavier. “Boldface” is the fastest tune here, and it also happens to my favorite. Well, the second cut “Transmission” is also right up there with it’s great opening riffs. The guitar work is simply awesome. If Superkollider’s music was a serial killer, it would be the kind who methodically stalks it’s prey and then slowly inflict it’s will upon the victim. I don’t think I’ve ever heard tougher guitar riffs while still remaining so melodic and catchy at the same time. Cheers to guitarist Erik Markarian! Very cool and impressive thirteen song debut disc.- Denis Sheehan


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