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- Live In a Dive (Fat Wreck) The latest in the series of punk rock’s roots-defining records is the new Live In A Dive album by UK punk legends, Subhumans. Many men have seen the band’s t-shirts or heard its name, but have never actually heard the music. This could be due to poor record distribution in the U.S. Now, Fat Wreck Chords has tried to rectify this by putting out an epic 26-song live set which serves as the most succinct and compelling Subhumans greatest hits CD you can currently buy. The set list for the show presented here is phenomenal, and is bound to please anyone from the longtime fan to the total newcomer. Opening up with a searing version of “All Gone Dead,” then flowing into favorites like “This Year’s War” and “Apathy,” and closing out the set with “Religious Wars,” “Work-Rest-Play-Die” and concluding with “Drugs of Youth.” The CD is filled heavy with tracks from Subhumans paramount album “The Day the Country Died,” and also provides the newcomer with a slew of Subhumans studio albums (World’s Apart, Time Flies / Rats…). In addition to the intense live performance, the CD also includes video footage of a song that does not appear on the audio portion (New Age), a short video interview with the band, and an incredible illustrated black & white comic book that illustrates the lyrics to the ageless, “Subvert City.” With all this, it still might not be enough to win over someone who is dead-set against live albums (yet the recording here is much better than most bands studio albums). Aside from this, the disc is a no-brainer. –Mike Blanks



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