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- Live in a Dive (Fat Wreck) Live albums are tricky because generally the songs on them have already been released by the band. Since the music is already known, and hopefully already loved, by the fans the band must be able to bring something additional to the live version. Certain types of music lend themselves more easily to live albums than others. Unfortunately punk rock is not really one of these types. The latest in Fat Wreck Chords’ Live in a Dive series is Strung Out, who truly put on a good show, but doesn’t actually take the music to that higher level achieved by many other bands during live performances. The album includes songs off all Strung Out’s CDs and includes one song that has only been heard at live shows previous to this release. The album, like the previous three Live in a Dive albums, boasts an original comic book as the CD booklet which, in this case, was created by Strung Out vocalist Jason Cruz. Strung Out’s latest is not bad by any means, but as far as live albums go, it is pretty weak. It is obvious that it puts on a good live show and that audiences react well to its on-stage antics, but this CD is for fans only. Those unfamiliar with the band should choose another album to acquaint themselves with Strung Out as there is not much point to listening to live punk rock unless you are in a dark club trying to avoid being kicked in the head by crowd surfers. –Emily Zemler



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