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- Life’s Too Short (Band Site) The Stompin’ Charlies’ debut EP is more like an abbreviated full-length with really short songs. The EP, entitled “Life’s Too Short,” is comprised of eight songs, but totals out to only about fourteen minutes. The brevity of the release, however, does not reflect on its quality. The Stompin’ Charlies fill every second of their first CD with pounding energy and a sense of pop-punk fun that is slightly less generic than most pop-punk bands out there. The sound and subject matter of the songs is nothing wildly unique, but the band gives off an undertone of enjoyment throughout. This sense of underlying glee gives the Stompin’ Charlies a leg up on more well-known bands of a similar generic persuasion that aren’t always able to prove to the listener that they are enjoying themselves while making the music. The lyrics are short, to the point and mildly juvenile, but absolutely fit with the tone of the band and its music. Songs like “She’s a Slut” and “Andre’s Big” puts the Stompin’ Charlies in a category that is somewhat akin to early Blink 182. There is no denying that the Stompin’ Charlies debut release is catchy, fun and much “too short.” -Emily Zemler



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