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- Same Chords. Same Song. Same Six Strings (Suburban Home) This disc hasn’t left the sanctity of my car stereo yet.  It’s a solid punk album, (fun to drive to), awesome lyrics, great sound.  It is the classic punk cloud with a special silver lining of some guitar riffs reminiscent of 80’s cheese metal (which is always a good thing!), and also some more modern rock sounds, like heavier guitar solos and drums.  You can even detect a hint of ska as they make good use of the brass.  The lyrics are especially fun to sing along to in “I Never Want to Rest,” “Concrete Ocean,” “Wrong Reasons” (with some ooooohs for the avid “backup singer” – you know, that person that always sings the background stuff ?  Come on!  You do it, too…) and “Blood is a Chemical” (also incorporating some intoxicatingly entrancing good times for the backup singer).  The lyrics scrutinized seem a bit on the down on the surface, but more prevalent is their ability to take a depressing topic and present it with their skewed optimism.  You’ll get this disc and WANT to show all your friends how good it is, but you’ll have to get them to your house (or in my case, the car) to listen, because you just can’t bear to let it go for even one day.  – Christina Quartuccio



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