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- Self-titled (Bridge Nine) Hardcore band Stand & Fight proudly boasts its status as a straight edge band. This self-titled release contains two separate EPs on the same disk. The first is the band’s newest six songs, while the second is an original demo entitled “Impact 2002 Demo.” Stand & Fight offers punchy hardcore punk rock that is sort of a B-version of Anti Flag. Its rhythms are hard and fast and the vocals are grating in an almost melodic way. The entire twelve songs on this album total about 18 minutes, making each song about a minute and half. Clearly this album is not for long road trips, and it unimaginable how many songs this band has to play to fill a half an hour set at a concert. Although both halves of this album sound fairly similar, the second half is slightly more enjoyable. Stand & Fight has a solid sound and offers straightforward messages in its lyrics, like “stand by what you say or shut the fuck up.” This band has some good ideas to offer, but it might want to consider extending its songs for longer than a minute each. -Emily Zemler



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