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- LP III (Fat Wreck Chords) Believe the hype - or at least, believe me – this is one good cd.  Rockin’ beats that’ll keep your party rollin’, plus lyrics that by turns amuse and inspire.  I especially like “You Should Know,” “Roller Girls,” and “How Do You Like That,” but there’s nothing on here I don’t like.  Three chicks and one guy, all sing – 2 guitars, bass and drums.  Fast paced, simple catchy melodies, passionate delivery, clean production – what’s not to like?  I get the sense they’d be lots of fun live.  For some unknown reason I seem to have a preconceived dislike for Fat Wreck Chords, even though they’ve never done anything to me.  But this cd is so good it made me forget about that.  Then, on top of that, they spoke to me.  The band, I mean.  During “How Do You Like That.”  The drummer (he’s the one guy in the band) sings the verses, while one of the chicks sings the choruses.  There’s this one moment, I think it’s right before the second verse, when I swear the guy says, just before he starts singing, “Bri-guy, here’s the important part.”  The first time I heard him say that I was just about to fall asleep, right on the edge, while riding the train to work.  When he said “Bri-guy” which, of course, is my Super Hero name, I almost jumped out of my seat, thinking that someone was calling me.  Maybe the mayor, letting me know that Gotham City is under attack and in need of my Super Hero assistance.  Probably not what they had in mind, but what the hell.  -Brian Mosher



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