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- Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies (Victory)  Let me thank grandpa Leppanen for being the catalyst for the birth of Snowdogs.  If only everyone's elders were a source of such inspiration.  Deep cuts, fast remedies is a musically diverse and lyrically pessimistic (in a good way) second album from the London threesome.  Lyrical topics range from the angst of unrequited love, to Bonnie and Clyde couples, to the everyday tragedies of living.  Though clichéd at times, they are often thought provoking.  being an ardent fan of tempo changes in music, Snowdogs captured my heart.  Rarely have I heard such musical diversity on an entire album, much less one song.  The horns on "Hour of Sunshine" lend the album it’s lone ska sound, while the accordion and mellow tone of "End of the World" made me feel as though I was listening to a folk album.  Many of the tracks have an 80s feel to them, and "Drive!" reminds me of a number of my favorite 80s tunes, but adds to them in such a way that I couldn’t name any of them. "Freedom for Everyone"  has a chorus sung by children, and "Your Sorry Ass" is a fuck you anthem with great lyrics matched by awesome vocals.  Ville Leppanen’s voice often works as its own instrument over the others.  If I’m not completely sold yet, it won’t take much convincing. -Desiree Jacobs


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