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- Coming Out (TKO Records) What an awesome band name!  What a great CD cover!  What a fair to middling bunch of songs!  Goddamn, I REALLY wanted to like this disc.  It’s just that the 14 cuts on Coming Out pretty much make that impossible.  Sure, the subject matter is fun.  How can you go wrong with copping various narcotics, wild European destinations, motorcycle safety and the evils of modern society?  It’s the music that spoils it for me.  Most of the songs are mid-tempo punk rock ‘n roll that sound like a thousand other mid-tempo punk rock ‘n roll songs that have come before them.  Make that a thousand other mid-tempo punk rock ‘n roll songs that also fail to excite or hook me at all.  That the singer sounds sort of like Darby Crash doesn’t really move me one way or the other here either.  Coming Out doesn’t suck, but the nastily good sensation I was hoping for from a band called Smut Peddlers (sort of akin to what it feels like when you scratch poison ivy) is sadly lacking. –Ben Hunter



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