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(Tooth and Nail)  I don’t know, but this seems like a case of  being overly image conscious.  When these guys released “Rusty”, ’97-ish, they looked the part of suburban punks, sounded killer, and were not full of fluff songs about missing some girl.  However, now they have a self titled disk, the lead singer grew his hair out, like the guy from Creed, their new video looks all tormented and has shots of the band playing in a “rain storm”, just like Creed.  The vocals even lost the sarcastic edge they once had;  I guess that sells, it’s pop, it’s tight, it’s up-tempo like New Found Glory but I can take NFG on tv because the lead singer is so damn funny lookin’.  As for Slick Shoes, I can appreciate the Goonies reference and if you like the “edgy” pop, then check it out. –David Morgan

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