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SLATER (Fork in Hand) This is a confusing record. Right from the opening track, "Keep Up", Slater seem unable to decide between a radio friendly, MTV, AOR sound, and a full on screamo attack. Since neither of these styles is what I would ever choose to listen to, the combination of them is doubly annoying. And the changes from one sound to the other are sudden and jarring, not like transitions so much as like being thrown from a train and landing in another train going the opposite direction. Half the time I want to grab them and tell them to grow some balls, and the other half I want to tell the singer to shut up before he pops a vein. And the songs themselves are, for the most part, overwrought, overly dramatic, and unoriginal. Adding to the confusion is the fact that they occasionally let the sound deteriorate into a low-fi distortion festival, a la Sebadoh. I think that if the songs were stronger, this sound might actually work for them. But they’re not, so it doesn’t. – Brian Mosher



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