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- All My Favorite Rockstars Are Dead (Spent Records) Little.  Yellow.  Different.  Well, this disc actually isn’t little or yellow but it is fairly different from a lot of the kay-rap I’ve been hearing lately, and I thank my filthy stars for that.  Before I get to the songs themselves, I have to say that I like the fact that this is short and to the point.  You get 7 songs that cover a span of around 15 minutes (well, really 6 songs- the first track is 40-odd seconds of deliriousness about starting a fire that I don’t think technically qualifies as a song).  The cover, which features a mildly seductive welder in a tight sweater, is cool too.  The songs themselves tend to blend the best elements of punk and indie rock.  You got yer delightfully dirty, thick guitars blended with song structuring that isn’t completely obvious or predictable.  Their vocal harmonies are smooth and the energy is definitely there, making much of All My Favorite Rockstars Are Dead catchy as all get out without being even slightly limp-wristed.  Slater is also just the right amount of weird- certainly enough to not be boring but not so over the top that they become unbearable.  Highlights for me include “Can’t Get Through” (GREAT, infectious verses that just make me feel good), “Animal” (cool “yeah, yeah” chorus) and “All the Birds Are Flying South” (rocks). –Ben Hunter



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