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- Beautiful Trash (BYO Records)  Here’s the first time I heard Sixer; few years ago my roommate comes home and says “You gotta hear this band, you won’t believe they..” To which I break in with “Where’s the rent jackass?”  At this point, a beer bottle took flight and I woke up later to a combo of Social D and the Clash style of punk rock unlike anything I’d ever heard.  Not like the Utters or the Murphys, this is a whole new level, like remember the first time you listened to a Social Distortion record, fuckin’ great right?  Not so much catchy as it was infectious, same deal here.  The songs are destined to be legendary and the booze and cigarette enhanced vocals throw this one over the edge.  Punk rock thy name is Sixer, hail the new kings.  –David Morgan



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