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– When Broken is Easily Fixed (Victory Records Formed with a desire to converge punk, hardcore, and emo, the Silverstein guys have accomplished just that with this ten-song release.  ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’ is a collection of songs that will easily appeal to the fans of these styles.  With the experience of two independent releases under their belts, ‘When The Shadows Beam’ released last year, and their debut recording,Summer's Stellar Gazereleased just two years prior, Silverstein seems to have perfected their writing and recording skills in order to create smooth, crisp sounding tracks. Neil Boshart and Josh Bradford offer progressive guitar licks, backed up by a solid rhythm section consisting of Paul Koehler on drums and Billy Hamilton on bass.  Vocalist, Shane Told, merges back and forth between melodies with cool sounding harmonies to the screaming.  I personally don’t care for the screaming in the songs; if singing along with a CD is going to give me a sore throat then it’s not really my cup of tea.  Silverstein also blends interesting imagery in their lyrics.  Some songs are laced with forlorn poetry:  The bright light beams from her eyes like broken glass. Or a broken heart, who would have guessed? You’d leave me here. Beneath my eyes I feel the tears, I hold back. I won’t leave this way again (‘Last Days of Summer’).”  But then the song ‘Smashed to Pieces” is, frankly, kind of creepy:  “I’ll slit my throat with the knife I pulled out of my spine. Maybe when you find out that I’m dead, you’ll realize what you did to me. And if my lungs still let me breathe, would you be there for me? If I can make myself believe, I’ll give you back what you took away. No, I won’t let it go. Douse myself in gasoline.”  All in all, ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’ is a good listen, but it’s definitely genre-specific.  Mainstreamers most likely won’t cross over for this, but for those into hardcore or emo, Silverstein is a band to be embraced. -Melanie Falina


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