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– Defective Machines (Site). Having reviewed, and liking, these fine Boston chaps some years ago, I was somewhat excited to drop this 12 inch bright orange vinyl onto my turntable…which I did. To my surprise, the noise fleeing my speakers was a dark, sludgy, stoner sound. “Wow!” I thought to myself. “These guys totally changed their sound.” However, I soon realized I was playing the record 33rpm when the correct setting is 45rpm. Oh Denis, you silly goose. Side one of this six song record is fast in your face punk rock…with an underlying feel of misery and doom. I suppose there’s a hint of goth going on here, but “goth” typically implies a sense of self loathing with heavy “whoa is me” bo’shyte. You’ll get none of that here, crybabies, as the music and tempo are so heavy fisted. Side two is just as intense, but at more of a slower pace-there’s a groove to be found- with an underlying feel of misery and doom. The final cut, Joy Division’s “Disorder” should lend a hint of the goings on over at the Defective Machines hootenanny! You know, with all of its punk and misery, I somehow feel the presence of The New York Dolls and/or Johnny Thunders blaring from this bright setting sun like orange vinyl. I would love to see Silver Screams live and since they are local to me…I shall make it so. Oh, although I am not going to quote any of the lyrics, they honestly could be plugged into a book of poetry and you’d never guess they are words from punkers. I figure the Silver Scream boys set out to capture a mood and after listening to the music, reading the lyrics, and looking at the album cover…they’ve nailed it. –Denis Sheehan

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