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SILVER SCREAMS – Creep Joint Scratch Ep ( If’n yer a long time reader of this venerated and beloved zine (meaning Askew Reviews…arsehole), then you certainly know when I receive music to review I do not read any accompanying literature, at first. I simply listen to the music, form an opinion, then read the press release for info to pass along in the review. If you only recently started to stick yer nose in these here parts, well, now you know, too, you late to the scene mother fucker! When I first listened to Creep Joint Scratch, I liked it, but it reminded me of another band and it sent me batty because I couldn’t figure it out as I drove along route 3 (South Shore, MA). Come the third song it hit me; early TSOL. Low and behold, wouldn’t you know the forth track is a cover of TSOL’s “Wash Away.” Don’t be fooled, these dudes are themselves and not TSOL clones. They simply reminded me of Jack, Ron, and the boys. Honestly, I think it is Niff’s (who also sings) cool guitar work that reminds me of Ron Emery, who’s one of my all time favorite guitarists. These three chaps (self proclaimed aging punkers) from the Boston, MA area stomp the hell out of that fine line between punk and rock. To me, the music has the relentless intensity heard in good ol’ fashioned punk with just enough rock to keep things from spinning out of control (ok, so the drummer Snarly seems a bit nutty as heard in “Infinite Mirror”).The music gets your attention, though differently with each song. “Infinite Mirror” grabs you and thrashes you without letting go, while “The Evidence” screams at you, lets you go, then screams at you again!  If’n yo’ looking for some punk that’ll bring you back to when punk was punk and not today’s watered down pretty boy “punk,” then open your ears to the killer riffs, core thrusting rhythms and grooves (via Edog and Snarly), and just enough snot brought to you by Silver Screams. And yes, nostalgia loudmouths, the “Wash Away” cover does the original much justice. –Denis Sheehan  

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