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- Live in a Dive (Fat Wreck) Recorded in November of 2001, this isn’t your run of the mill hand held tape recorder bootleg cd. For Fat Wreck’s “Live in a Dive” series, they roll in state of the art recording machinery and really capture the concert. The result is a really great sounding, twenty-three song, live punk show. Now that you now how great the set sounds, on to the band. Sick of it All has been around for years and are notorious for their highly intense hardcore sound, which is evident on with this live cd. I have no idea of Sick’s history, but the good ol’ press release reads that the twenty-three songs are a nice collection of old and new tunes spanning the band’s lifespan. I do not care how old or new the songs are. All I know is that it sounds good, and I like it. – Denis Sheehan


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