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SICK ELECTRIC – Nuclear Winter, Endless Summer (Site) So I’m taking my morning coffee break at work, and all I’m thinking to myself is how there isn’t a damn thing in the world that could possibly wake me up. Then I throw this EP into my discman. And I wake up. Hailing from Rhode Island, this trio, I feel, will be turning some heads. “Heavy Hammer, Soft Brains” starts off the disc with quite the bang, and I must say, I welcomed the forthcoming screams and loud guitars with a smile. It’s not all loud though, as they intersperse melodic riffs and softer vocals among the heavy distortion, making for an album that actually makes you want to listen to again and again, rather than just becoming a redundant bore. Though I think I prefer the singer’s screams rather than when he sings, it’s still all good in my book. As their fourth and final song “Errors of Electrical Man” started winding down, I couldn’t help but notice that, unfortunately, this EP doesn’t have as strong an ending as it does beginning. I can overlook that though, because when this band puts out a full-length disc, I do believe it will be great.- Bryana Robinson



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