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BRATMOBILE- Girls Get Busy (Lookout) Catchy 50's influenced pop punk by this all female band. The music is good, but it lacks that certain "umph" felt/heard by other female pop punk bands, i.e. The Donnas, The Eyeliners, Fabulous Disaster...-Denis Sheehan 

BULLETS OF ORANGE (Band Site) Think of U2 circa 1986, then transplant them to 2002, but not like the 2002 U2. I know, doesn't make sense, but that's the best my brain can do. Not a bad cd by any means, just not the stuff I like or get in to. - Denis Sheehan 

COLD MEMORY- Damage/No Damage (RevUp) Fairly catchy pop rock with just enough nuts to keep it from sucking ass, but not enough to warrant wasting my time writing a full review.- Fiona Skarsgard 

THE FARTZ- Injustice (Alternative Tentacles) Injustice gives you fifteen hard core punk rock tunes. These guys have been around forever, but they sure as shyt haven't lost a step. Since the vocals are impossible to understand and there is no lyric sheet, have no idea what the songs are about. However, I know they are very political in nature. Albeit hard, all the songs tend to sound the same. - Denis Sheehan 

THE GAMITS - A Small Price to Pay (Suburban Home) - It's poppy. It's punky. It's pop-punk! I have a hard time saying any more about this band. The songs are about stuff and the music's got some melodies. But maybe the one note worthy point that's worth mentioning is that the singers voice is slightly more snottier than most bands of this genre, but it's still all squeaky and whinny, so don't get your hopes up to much. The guys in the band aren't even that cute so I don't think they'll ever make it. - Denez McAdoo 

THE HANGMAN- We Have Blood on the Toes of Our Boots (Acetate) Pretty cool sounding live rock cd. However, my cd stopped working after three songs. From what I heard, I really liked this cd. There are sixteen songs in all. - Denis Sheehan 

MONEEN- The Theory of Harmonial Value (Small Man) Interesting bit of the emo, which is a hard thing to pull off. The innovation on this disk is as palatable as it is amazing. Poetic and intelligent, there is a concept at work here and four guys who genuinely love the music behind it. Moneen is a fairly new band and if this is their first full length, then they are truly someone to watch out for. A live show has to be an experience. -David Morgan 

NERF HERDER- American Cheese (Honest Don's) Thirteen lyrically goofy, while musically catchy trademark Nerf Herder sound. I've always thought of Nerf Herder as being like The Dead Milkmen, only more pleasing to the ears. Mostly due to my agreement with the content, my favorite song is "Jenna Bush Army." Yes, Jenna is a fox. I really do like Nerf Herder's sound, and this cd is no different, but the goofy lyrics tend to grow old quickly. - Fiona Skarsgard 

OZMA- The Doubble Donkey Disc (Kung Fu) This cd is a collection of two previously released eps; "The Russian Coldfusion EP" and "The Bootytraps EP." Ozma recently toured with and opened for Weezer, good thing, they sound just like them. Goofy, yet competent, poppy/sappy punk. - Fiona Skarsgard




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