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SHITE ‘N’ ONIONS: Vol. 1 (Omnium or Shite 'n' Onions) Celtic Punk or Irish Punk, call it what you want. I love it and when I received this cd to review, I instantly turned into a grade school girl overcome with giggles of joy. This cd is a collection of 22 tracks by 15 up-and- coming Celtic/Irish/punk bands. Bands on this cd I will be checking out are: The Skels, Siobhan, Blood or Whiskey (I saw these guys live and they are amazing), The Tossers...ah screw it… I dug all but two or three of the bands here. Being the fair handed man I am and because I don’t want to get beat up, I shall not reveal those whom I disliked. On the toddler side of things, my three year old daughter Reilly recommends the recently broken up Nogoodnix’s “Angelina” due to the lead singer coughing after singing a few opening lines and The Tossers “Dicey Riley” because they sing her name (spelled differently, shhhh...don’t tell her). This compilation is perhaps one the finest I’ve ever enjoyed. There’s lots of great music to be heard on this cd; pick it up and have it. God, this music makes me want to drink (like I need a reason!). – Denis Sheehan



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