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SCENE OF THE CRIME (Good Cop Bad Cop) The date is May 19/20, 2001. The location is Big Sound Studios in Westbrook, ME.  The reason? Twenty-four bands in twenty-four hours, one hour each, one song each. Ok, ok, so there’s twenty-five bands. The results? A pretty damn cool collection of eclectic punk rock and rock songs played by some pretty damn cool bands. No, I am not going to comment on every song because that would take me eight million years. Instead, I shall note a few favorites; Darkbuster is one of my all time favorite Boston punk bands and I am still reeling from their recent break-up. Although I have no idea if this is true, “Take the Fall” may be one of Darkbuster’s last recorded songs and you’ll find it here. Another great Darkbuster song I can’t stop listening to. “Rat Race” by Muscleah is really cool for reasons I can’t explain. The Mice with “Runaway” and Rat Fink, “Tube Top & Tattoo,” (a lot of rodents going on here) remind me of The Queers with a little less pop punk. Meat Depressed throws one hell of a fast one, ‘Pissing My Life Away,” at you to start the cd off. Then there’s always the enjoyable Jonee Earthquake and their amusing “Charcoal Bride.” Zippo Raid? They’re here too contributing a naughty word and attitude laced “Don’t Tell Me What to Do.” Ahh, the list goes on and on, but I am friggin tired and want to go to bed. There are a few tunes here I failed to like, but I refuse to point fingers because the majority of this cd is awesome. Great idea backed up with some great music. Hey, great way to hear some new bands and their music! – Denis Sheehan  




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