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SCENE REPORT- Various (TKO Records) This is the second in TKOís series of scene reports. I missed the Boston one, but I think Iím gonna go back and check it out. On the Sacramento Scene Report, TKO has recorded 2 tracks each from 5 different bands, most of which are very entertaining. Whiskey Rebels get things started with a bang, tearing through their 2 tracks of adrenaline-fueled street-punk, "Yolo Bus Blues" and " America ". I like "Yolo Bus Blues" a lot, but Iím still not sure whether " America " is patriotic or not. Iíll get back to you once I figure it out. Pressure Point are next, and they take a step or two toward hardcore, but not all the way. I love their singerís aggressive, go for the throat style, and their "Never Forget" might be the best track on the disc. Killing the Dream finish the trip Pressure Point started, with two hardcore face-pounders. Iím not crazy about either of their tracks, but theyíre not terrible. The Secretions (which is one of the best band names Iíve heard in a long time), bri! ng a Social Distortion type approach to Hank Williams Jr.ís "All My Rowdy Friends", stripping it down to itís barest Carl Perkins inspired bones, and then kicking it up to amphetamine speed. I love when a band can play this fast without losing the melody and the rockiní rhythm. Their other song, "Long Lonely Road", is in much the same style, and also worth repeated listens. Finally, The Roustabouts return to the hardcore approach, but with a bit more style than Killing The Dream. "Stick to Your Guns" and "Freedom" are both a bit too sincere and cheerleaderish for my taste, but the band delivers them both with passion and spirit, so itís not all bad. I hope TKO keeps this series up. Ė Brian Mosher



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