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RUMBLE CLUB- In Case of Rumble… (Rumble Club Records) Attention all you psychotic hilljobs, my favorite KY rockabillies are back (and that’s KY as in the great state of Kentucky , not the fuck lubricant, ya greazeball)! While I thought Rumble Club’s last release, Rumble Club Rides Tonight, could’ve alternately been called Guns, Pussy, Hot Rods and Beer, this one could easily take its title from track 11, “Gonna Do Me Some Sinnin’.” I mean, hell, baby, they cover all the fun things here- murder, gambling problems, road rage, being tormented by the devil and a variety of other downright ornery behaviors. It’s kind of like those old ‘50s dime novels that so excellently paint tales of lurid conflict (you know- red hot shit like SIN MAN: His guitar played a lust song for wantons). Rumble Club does this with a perfect balance of over-the-top vice AND authenticity. But what prevents this band from merely being an interesting retro act is that they just sound so GOD DAMN GOOD. These fuckers play some seriously smokin’ tunes. You don’t have to look further than this disc’s opener, “The Youngers,” (a blistering tale of three ill-fated brothers who have a penchant for violent pranks and who ultimately go out with one helluva bang) to understand what I mean. All this said, I already knew that Rumble Club could rock the fuck out of shit. But what’s really impressed me with this release is that they can also make subtle and more understated tracks like the smooth, galloping “Leaving This Town,” a number about young lovers leaving a dead end place together, work so well. Leader Jack Coray’s deep, clear, mighty voice sounds better than ever, the guitar work is top-notch, often vicious and consistently awesome (with more ass kickin’ riffs than crabs on a two-bit whore), and the rhythm section pounds away throughout this disc like nobody’s got-dang bidness. As if the 12 new cuts these talented rockabillies give us here weren’t enough, they’ve tacked on three torrid live versions of songs originally released on the last one. Powerful good stuff.–Ben Hunter



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