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- Rumble Club Rides Tonight (Rumble Club Records) Highly appropriate alternate title: Guns, Pussy, Hot Rods & Beer. (And it’s weird how this sometimes happens, but in another piece I’m currently working on for Askew, I just mentioned how this is also the title of a mix I made in 1995.  Probably why it so easily popped into my head while listening to this, but it’s totally fitting here). These Kentuckians play authentic, hot rockabilly that’ll have you wishin’ you were a got-dang hayseed just like them.  Deep, clear, at times Cash-like vocals, smokin’ lead guitar, fuck-thumping standup bass and relentless, rattletrap drums all come together perfectly on this 11-song disc.  I’m going to award my first annual Golden Fruit Jar Award (filled with a fiery, vomit-inducing quantity of moonshine and a couple dead flies floating on top, of course) to “Drive ‘Em On.”  It’s a blasting, psychobilly-tinged Spaghetti Western-ish wailer that makes Ennio Morricone seem like he left his balls in his wife’s purse in comparison, and it absolutely rules.  And while there are a bunch of great originals (at least I think these are originals, but how the fuck would I really know? All these hillbillies sent us was a loose CD-R with no accompanying information- a CD-R that also temporarily crashed the sound on my computer, no less) on Rumble Club Rides Tonight, their brilliant cover of Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone” alone makes this disc completely worth buying.  They beautifully morph this ‘80s cheeseball anthem into a rockabilly pounder that’s just a joy to hear.  This disc has many moments where it’s hotter than two foxes fuckin’ in a forest fire, and I bet Rumble Club is even better live. –Ben Hunter



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