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- Make Out Party! (Site)  Not since the Queers' don’t back down have I found an album that I enjoy singing along to this much. This is not to say that Roxie is similar in style, but the energy and tone of the album is intoxicating in the same way.  Roxie begins with an uber upbeat title track, and doesn’t let the mood falter once.  I had to read the lyrics to make sure these guys weren’t on brain candy, and indeed there are songs of unrequited love and heartbreak, but the music still makes you want to wiggle.  "Get Close Tonight" has amazing guitars, and I have been chanting the words to "All I Want" for days.  "Monte Carlo," a love song to a car, is a standout track, and I wanted to buy a beach bungalow and light tiki torches after listening to "Summertime."  The only slow song on the album, "Baby, Goodnight," is completely irresistible, and oddly reminiscent of Weezer's "Butterfly.” To my surprise, the secret track was an electronic voyage into the world of cool, after a laughter filled, if unintelligible, start.  Make out party has become an album that I clean my apartment to, as well as one that I scream to before hitting the bars.  An all around catchy, fun, and lovable sound.  My only sadness comes from their limited touring schedule, I’m sure they are just as grand live. -Desiree Jacobs



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